Don’t really get it yet.


3 Responses to “Blogging”

  1. Leo Says:

    tut. man your so right! you know…blogging? what is it all about…
    i like reading your stuff cause it just speaks to me you know.
    keep blogging man, keep blogging.

  2. danielkeogh Says:

    thanks man, you know its a fucked up world out there, i’m just tryin’a educate all those haters, make’em love the world and see its beauty through my eyes, i mean look at the background picture up there. it was the first picture i took when i arrived in california. its deep. it says something important. its a picture of a heavy industrial plant adorned with the american flag. you know people say a picture can tell a thousand words. this picture tells 1001 words

  3. Leo Says:

    you know i wondered about that picture when i first saw it. i tired to put myself in the same mood as the photographer (u, lol!!!1). i mean it really shows how trapped the workers really are, yet how they strive for freedom, its like communism=democracy<freedom, you know? i’ve added your rss to my desktop. so keep blggng dont go mnstrm.

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